Utilizing Your .网站 domain

You may think Chinese users do not actively type in Chinese domain names, but don't forget that Chinese users search entirely in Chinese! That explains the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) value of having your .网站 domain! Make yourself instantly search friendly to millions of Chinese users online, even if just for EnglishName.网站.

The Internet is becoming mobile first. Mobile APPs are important, but no user will download thousands of APPs on to their phone, and there are millions of companies online. A .网站 domain makes your brand mobile friendly for Chinese users. Voice input makes native language domain names (i.e. IDNs – Internationalized Domain Names) friendly for local users to navigate to your web application. It is hard to imagine a Chinese user speaking to his/her phone in English.

Startups and microbusinesses are utilizing social media and eCommerce platforms to setup shop online quickly. As the tens of millions of these businesses grow, having their own
domain on the mobile web will be indispensable to better manage customer relationships and build brand trust. A .网站 domain fits perfectly with local Chinese microbusinesses.

Use your .网站 domain to become:

  • Search friendly: Chinese users search in Chinese. Having a .网站domain name makes you visible online.
  • Mobile friendly: Voice input make navigation on the mobile web in Chinese instinctive for users.
  • eCommerce friendly: Connect your business to the Chinese market with a .网站 domain.






  • 优化搜索排名: 中国用户普遍使用中文进行搜索。
  • 优化移动体验: 语音输入势必使中文域名成为移动互联网上的领航。
  • 优化电子商务: 让您的企业连接到中国市场的每一个角落。
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Posted on Date:
Monday, September 26, 2016